Terms and conditions of use

1.1. Intellectual and industrial property

All contents of this CIFMERS GLOBAL ONLINE STORE, as well as all pages included under this domain name, are of the exclusive property of “CIFMERS GLOBAL”.

These contents include texts, images, files, sounds and logos, as well as the design and structure of the CIFMERS GLOBAL ONLINE STORE itself, and its source codes, and cannot be understood as assigned to the user under any circumstances.

CIFMERS GLOBAL is not responsible for any inappropriate use of the contents of the CIFMERS GLOBAL ONLINE STORE which, furthermore, can be used without consent.

1.2. Conditions of use of the CIFMERS GLOBAL ONLINE STORE

The User agrees to make correct use of the CIFMERS GLOBAL ONLINE STORE in accordance with the Law and these USE Terms and Conditions.

Access to the CIFMERS GLOBAL ONLINE STORE is voluntary and access to it does not imply any professional relationship or any contractual relationship with CIFMERS GLOBAL, nor does it denature or modify the contractual or obligatory relationship that the user using the service may have with some of CIFMERS GLOBAL´s clients.

The use of this CIFMERS GLOBAL ONLINE STORE is expressly prohibited for illegal purposes, or in any way which may damage property or any interests of CIFMERS GLOBAL or other third parties, or in any other way overload, damage or disable the networks, servers and other computer equipment (Hardware) or products and software applications property of CIFMERS GLOBAL or any other third parties.

By way of illustration, the User shall, in accordance with current legislation, refrain from:

· Reproducing, coping, distributing, make available, publicly communicate, transform or modify the contents of this CIFMERS GLOBAL ONLINE STORE except in cases authorized by law or expressly consented by CIFMERS GLOBAL or by the person holding the ownership of the exploitation rights in its case. 

· Reproduce or copy for private use the contents of the CIFMERS GLOBAL ONLINE STORE, unless expressly authorized by CIFMERS GLOBAL.

1.3. Exclusion of liability:

1.3.1. Of the quality of service

Access to the CIFMERS GLOBAL ONLINE STORE does not imply the obligation of CIFMERS GLOBAL to control the absence of “viruses”, “worms” or any other harmful computer elements. The User, in any case, is responsible for the availability of adequate tools for the detection and disinfection of harmful software.

CIFMERS GLOBAL is not responsible for the damages caused in the computer equipment of the Users or third parties during the provision of the service through the Portal.

1.3.2. Of the availability of the service

Access to the CIFMERS GLOBAL ONLINE STORE requires third party services and supplies, including transport over telecommunications networks whose reliability, quality, continuity and performance does not correspond to CIFMERS GLOBAL. Therefore, the services provided through the CIFMERS GLOBAL ONLINE STORE can be suspended, canceled or inaccessible, prior or simultaneously to the provision of the payment service.

CIFMERS GLOBAL shall not be liable for damages of any kind produced to the User caused by failures or disconnections in the telecommunications networks that could cause the suspension, cancellation or interruption of the service of the CIFMERS GLOBAL ONLINE STORE, and / or Banks, during the provision of the service redeemed or prior to it.

Neither “CIFMERS GLOBAL” or any of its customers may be held to be unable to comply with any of the projected payment obligations by saying that the present CIFMERS GLOBAL ONLINE STORE or the payment platform was totally or partially out of service at a certain moment.

1.4. Communication of illicit and inappropriate activities of the link to the payment platform

In case that the User or any other Internet user is aware that any payment platforms used, has illegal content or services, you may contact CIFMERS GLOBAL indicating the following:

· Personal data of the caller: name, address, telephone number and email address. Description of the facts that reveal the illicit or inadequate character of the link. 

· In case of any rights violation, such as intellectual or industrial property, please indicate all personal data of the owner of those rights which have been violated, as well referring to the certification which entitles the owner as legal owner of such properties. If you are acting in the name of the property owner you shall also hold proof of the representation rights of the addressing owner.

· Express declaration that the information contained in the claim is accurate.

At reception by CIFMERS GLOBAL of the communication provided in this clause will not imply, according to the provisions of the LSSI, of the effective knowledge of the activities and / or contents indicated by the communicator.

1.5. Cancellation Policy, Exchanges and Returns

No refunds will be accepted for tickets, except in case of cancellation of the specific Event the ticket has been bought for.

As for changes in tickets, only nominal change of ticket will be accepted, and only after to the organization’s acceptance per justification sent in writing to info@cifmers.com, with at least 20 days prior to the specific event. This right is not applicable to tickets obtained with special discounts or purchased as a group (group purchasing will be considered for any purchase of more than 2 tickets in the same purchase process).

The impossibility of attending the event, a no-show or the commitment of an error when going through the purchasing processes for the event ticket/s (such as giving an incorrectly e-mail for ticket and information reception) are no base to claim for their refund.

In accordance with the regulations in force in the field of consumption and retail management, the Buyer may not exercise the right of withdrawal or resolution.

In case of Event Cancelation after more than 50% of it has been given/ presented, will not entitle the buyer for any reimbursement of the price of the ticket.

Bad weather conditions do not give the right for a ticket refund totally or partially.

In case of any cancellation or change occurring in the Event, CIFMERS GLOBAL agrees to (i) post it on the Event Website section as soon as it becomes aware of it, and (ii) send an email to the Buyer´s e-mail indicated on the Registration Form informing of such cancellation or change.

In case that it is decided to proceed with a ticket refund, it will be done by CIFMERS GLOBAL through the same payment method used for the purchase itself, within a period of fifteen (15) working days from the date of the public communication of the cancellation of the event.

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