Our services focus on promoting the discipline of FM by supporting people, professionals and companies in the sector and other disciplines to integrate the Facility Management

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Ad-Hoc Meetings


Widen your network contacts through personal meetings with other professionals

One of the objectives of CIFMERS GLOBAL activity is promoting professional relations within the Facility Management sector and one of the ways of achieving this is creating communication platforms between professionals who share the same interests.


Events organized by GLOBAL CIFMERS become a means where to locate potential customers or partners in a close and global way. In addition to inviting you to attend different events, we can offer you the possibility to arrange personal meetings with representatives from companies, whether service providers or end customers, with whom to exchange information in a more personalized manner and to obtain in this way the partner you need or the customer to whom you can offer your services

Customized Events


Developing your FM business through a specially designed event, for your targeted customers, can increase your effective sales in 10 times the cost of the event

We provide advice and support to companies providing FM services that want to develop their business by organizing ad-hoc events, where to promote their products and what they do to a targeted audience of end-users in the FM market.


Our services range from advice on which type of targeted customers to invite to your events, which event type must be organized depending on its uniqueness, and we can also manage, if you wish so, the event itself as a turn-key project.


CIFMERS Global is perfect for this type of service, as we are completely independent and have an impeccable reputation and recognition in the market.

Study/Fields Trips


An experience to grow as a professional

Our CIFMERS STUDY TRIPS programs give students the opportunity to experience, in an immediate and tangible way, everything learned in their books and lectures. Obtain new knowledge, manage cultural differences, and of course, visit facilities where the Facility Management discipline is applied with the highest standards.


Past participants describe it as a “memorable and rewarding experience”.

Although we can arrange these Study trips as a tailor-made at any time of the year, this up-coming September offers a special opportunity: assisting in Madrid to "CIFMers International Congress", the most important annual event for Facility Management professionals around the world. Students can attend the Congress - something normally not with-in their possibilities-, build network contacts as well as grow as future FM professionals meeting and learning from the best.

New FM Associations


We work to give greater visibility to FM

There are many countries where no local associations which allow Facility Management promotion either on a local or national level, and therefore do not give visibility to all those who are part of this discipline.

GLOBAL CIFMERS has, for several years now, been working ethically and transparently in the creation and development of these partnerships in different countries in Latin America such as Colombia, Peru, Panama or Mexico through our knowledge and professionalism in the field of Facility Management.


We are happy to participate in the making-of any new partnership by facilitating the creation of an environment in which Facility Managers share their good practices as well as strengthen the figure of the Facility Manager in the market.


Based on our experience we can also assist the associations who are interested in organizing trips for their members or some kind of event related with Facility Management almost anywhere.



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