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CIFMERS GLOBAL is a company created to promote and maximize the Facility Management discipline image with the highest integrity and professionalism. With more than 15 events organized, like CIFMers, CIFMers CONFERENCE and LSDFM, has convened more than 2.600 professionals from 28 countries and more than 17.000 virtual visitors have passed through their media platforms.


CIFMERS GLOBAL is considered a main player in the diffusion of FM at international level.

CIFMer´s, the two-day global congress, aims to enhance the FM industry worldwide and their professionals, and to openly share knowledge, broadcasting live, via web, with free access to ensure that everybody can get access

CIFMers LATAM, is an adaptation to the Latin American Market and it is focused to strengthen the FM discipline in those countries, where the FM profession needs to be further developed

LSDFM, “the week of FM”, happens once per country, where no FM association exits, and with the main objective of helping setting up one. Also, to encourage local participation in the FM ISO standards. Four days full of activities

CIFMers Conference, is a one-day intense event, where local FM professionals share their knowledge, projects and vision of the discipline, and prepare the future development in the country




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